Lyrics: Per Malmberg. Music: Per Malmberg & Stefan Gavik.

The crimson sunset is now asleep
Another day tucked away
The hazy shades fall in the deep
The questions rise where I lay 

I know there is no escape
from what fate has planned for me
The offered wine's rotten grape
will quench my thirst and it's plain to see

Just two feet tall when I should be six
I tremble, scared in my tomb
Cowering under a ton of bricks
Cursing what grows in my womb

When will this night turn to day?
Where do I find the strength I need?
There's no alternative way
No way to rip up this planted seed

If there's a will, there's a way they say
Have faith and you'll find relief
Although I pray every night and day
I'm bound for sorrow and grief

I'm searching for answers, there's none to be found
I've done nothing wrong, still to this fate I'm bound
This could be the last time, the last chance I get
So much left undone, I'm not meant to go just yet

I cry for the loved ones I'm leaving behind
Grasping for braveness to meet this destiny unkind
With tears in my heart, my goodbye's I must say
Grit my teeth and gather strength to get just one more day