Faith versus reason
Lyrics & Music: Per Malmberg

Confusion, confusion, this pain inside me, I can not see clear anymore
Solution, solution, I need to be free from this growing, internal war
Confusion, confusion keeps filling my mind, I donít know on which leg to lean
Conclusion, conclusion, Iím deaf, dumb and blind in a world indescribably mean

Trust me, I trust you, we trust in the lord, we lay down our lives in his care
Believe that all good will prevail in the end, that our father is waiting up there
We know that a better lifeís waiting above, our souls are eternally blessed
Because we believe in the almighty God, because of the sins weíve confessed

Religion is something invented by man to explain what he canít understand
As soon as thereís something he just can not grasp, the answer lies in daddyís hand
Mysterious and strange are the ways of the Lord, just look at the world of today
His creation is aiming to destroy itself while good God looks the other way

Free will was given by God onto man to easily see who is juste
Can you not see that itís part of the plan? Man himself turns man to dust

How can you have faith in something like that, thereís no proof to support your case
Youíll never be able to make me convinced, weíre eternally lost in this maze

Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison

The essence of my faith lies in your own words, the foundation is what you just said
Belief without knowing is the only way to sleep in Godís heavenly bed

That is no option, I demand some proof, I think you would like that as well

How dare you to imply that my faith is not strong. If you do, then damn you to hell

All I am saying is weíll never be able to see eye to eye
Itís sad that we canít find a way to agree, it would be easier for us to get by
Inside this head which we both call our home, Iím earth, you reach for the sky
Weíll just have to wait for the big day to come, when this body of ours will die